It's a Beautiful Life

I am SO behind on blogging... I can't believe how much has happened in the last 3 weeks. I feel like I may never be able to catch up to what's going on in our life... let alone write about it. I have so much to write about and so little time (or hands) to do it with.

As I type I have the little one resting on my lap, we are sweating because of the heat and she is in and out of cluster feedings while my husband takes the older out for a quick errand.

I've spent a huge part of the day organizing pictures so that I can share our last few weeks with you.

Thankfully a picture is still worth a thousand words so hopefully the pictures summarize a lot of it all for you.

We welcomed this precious girl into the world... Charlotte Rose
 We brought her home from the hospital
 Two days later we drove out to Coupeville to spend the weekend with my amazing in-laws
We discovered that this sweetie hates baths

I have managed to get out of the house multiple times with both kids by myself, even if it's just for a walk
Charlotte has been held and loved by so many people. Nothing is more special than watching other people love your child.
Miss Charlotte celebrated her first holiday - and we spent the 4th of July with friends and family in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
 Oh, yes, did I mention we crossed the State Line when Charlotte was 8 days old? Yes, we spent the weekend in Oregon with my family and both of our kids. 

They both did INCREDIBLE on the five-hour-trip to and from Oregon. What troopers!

My husband and I both got Food Poisoning in Oregon so the week after that was a complete blur. My saint of a mom took Zachary for most of the week for us. 

Then last weekend we had Charlotte's photo shoot and went back out to Coupeville for the afternoon. (Photoshoot pictures to come very soon!) 
Sunday was our first lazy, no plans, easy day at home as a family of 4 since Charlotte was born. It was wonderful. 

We are incredibly blessed. We are surrounded by family and friends who love us and love our kids. It's a beautiful life we live.... now if only it would slow down so we could linger in these special moments a little longer. It's already been 3 weeks and Charlotte is growing and changing every day. I want to cry every night when we put her to sleep because each night marks one less day that I get to spend with her as a newborn. As much as I enjoy watching my children grow, I pray that they would always stay children. That they will be little forever so that I can keep them innocent, pure, and happy. I pray that this beautiful life would always be beautiful.