Zachary's Pirate Party

I can't believe this little man is turns THREE

Zachary Adam Mouw
You are the sweetest, most obedient, kind hearted, loving, gentle, happy, and adventurous little boy I have ever seen. And you amaze me more every day.

We honored your special request to celebrate your day with a PIRATE PARTY

It was the most fun I've had planning a party yet... mostly because I wasn't working full time OR pregnant. So here you go little man.... memories of your THIRD birthday party.
 Message in a Bottle Invites

Walk the Plank into the party

X Marks the Spot

LOVING my oversized Chalkboard these days

Hand painted pirate ship sign and bunting made with love by yours truly

As soon as the kiddos walked in they were covered with pirate gear....
Tattoos, Eye Patches, Necklaces, Bandanas, and Swords
This was perhaps the cutest thing ever to see 10 little munchkins take on the role of a Pirate - and then my Aunt and Uncle who came fully festive. SO CUTE

Also, can I just give a HUGE shout out to my Father In Law... Remember last year how he learned to make Balloon Animals?? Well this year.... he learned how to make a pirate ship sail. I know - awesome right? Not only that, he carved a watermelon into a Pirate ship (More of that in a minute). But yeah, I seriously can't thank him enough for making all of my ideas come to life!

So we threw every pirate, beach, antique decoration we could think of on the table. We spray painted a Maple Syrup can, we brought in jars of sea glass we had collected and coral along with shells and beach wood from our local beach. Lanterns, fake gold coins and necklaces, and the cutest little St. Patrick's Day kettles.

Also, we continued the tradition of Zachary's time capsule and had guests leave him a message in a bottle. 

Okay, that watermelon pirate ship... let's take a closer look at that:

Yeah, I know. Pretty Sweet!! Then we used sword picks for the fruit.... super cute

Zachary's Uncle Riley made it out from Portland for the 2nd year in a row. Zachary was THRILLED. Riley did the honors of giving Zachary his very first tattoo. What a memory ;) 

Okay, I have to admit that I did a TERRIBLE job of taking pictures of the food laid out because by the time it was all out there were people coming through the food line. So we did "Peg Legs" (Hot dogs) - "Shiver me Tenders" (Chicken Tenders) - "Fish and Chips" (Goldfish crackers and potato chips) - "Pirate Slop" (My mom's famous baked bean recipe) - "Bait" (gummy worms and sweedish fish) - and "Carribean Sea Water" (Hawaiian Punch and Lemonade)

But the dessert spread was the best part. I had a BLAST making this Treasure Map Cupcake Platter out of crushed Nila Wafers and a whole ton of candy!

What a fun party! Thank you for ALL of the friends and family who came out to celebrate our precious man turning THREE. We feel so blessed by your love. What a FUN memory to celebrate. 

I'll leave you with that picture of our little pirate princess. Tutu compliments of my talented Mother!