Zachary's 1st Birthday Party

Up until this point my blog has been mostly all about family... Zachary, MPI, Motherhood, etc.

I was recently encouraged to expand my blog a bit to include some of my creativity beyond writing. Let me just say this: I love to make things.

I'm one of those people that sees something I like and figures out a way to do it myself. So for Zachary's first birthday party, I did just that. Almost everything you see was made or put together by me. Some of the ideas are Pinterest, Etsy, and fellow Blogger inspired, and some of the ideas are original. The cake, however, was not made by me. I am no where near as talented as my dear friend Dyan so I left that up to her. I am so in awe of her talent and am incredibly thankful that she was willing to do this for us. Thank you again Dyan!!

The pictures were taken by another friend of mine... the amazing Bethany Hall. She came over early to do some family pictures and Zachary's 1-year pictures for us and then stuck around to capture all the details of Zachary's party.

A lot of hands went into making this party happen, so thank you all for help with set-up, clean-up, and running errands for us. And to my husband - thank you for putting up with me while I spent 5 months planning this special day and night after night after night at the sewing machine, computer, and cutting board. Thank you also for waking up with me at 6am on "Party Day" to hang streamers, move chairs, stuff pita pockets, and vacuum. This is my passion and having you support me makes it all possible.

One last thank you - to my precious Zachary, for being in our lives, for having such a great smile, for turning one, and for bringing joy to the world. I will never stop loving you... or planning ridiculous parties for you.

Here are some pictures through Bethany's lens:

Found this idea on a blog - super convenient to have napkins and silverware already bundled

Noodles for Poodles - Pasta Salad
I put quotes from the books the food inspiration came from, this was from  Fox in Socks
and is one of my favorite Seuss tongue twisters!

Every food had a tag with it - it was a completely Seuss-themed menu. This idea I got from my mom who threw a Dr. Seuss baby shower for me and had "Green Eggs and Ham" as an appetizer


Pink Ink Yink Drink is from Cat and the Hat -
I just googled "Pink Punch Recipes" and printed the one that looked the yummiest. 
So the veggies I didn't have the clever-ist of ideas for. I had "The Lorax - who speaks for the trees". I thought about only doing broccoli so it was like "trees" but we just did a platter. Then I was going to arrange them into tree shapes but ran out of flat platters so they got put into a bowl. I think Dr. Seuss should have talked about veggies in at least one of his books!

The main dish was pita pockets - "There's a Wocket in my PITA pocket" which was probably my favorite part of the menu. We had a rough time stuffing 50 pita pockets but it paid off. They were a hit and it was easy for everyone to have them already made

We had a variety of flavors including PB and J for the kids and an assortment of meat options for the adults

Sewing streamers together to ruffle them was an idea I found on Pinterest. It was fun for the first 300 yards, and then I got pretty burnt out on streamer sewing!

I didn't make these fish - found them at Michaels. I got REALLY lucky that March is Dr. Seuss Month, in April The Lorax came out, and in May all the 4th of July decorations came out so I could use Red and White for our decorations. I had 3 months of really great finds and really fun ideas!
The dining room

The spread - you can also see our Hop on Pop-corn balls

We had to dress Zachary for the party so I found these adorable Baby Legs on crazy sale back in March and have been dying for him to wear them!

I told you Dyan was talented! That onesie I made for Zachary - inspired by an Etsy seller who was selling for $25. I made mine for less than $5
The cat is from Zachary's nursery and the "Z" is just a wooden "Z" from Michaels painted white
Again, the perfect cake is from Dyan!

The sign I made all on my own - I had googled "Welcome to Seussville" signs to see if I could re-create one and found one that had the "Mayor" part so I added that to mine. So fun!

The water bottles I found at Party City - perfectly Seussy. I had seen them on Pinterest and was determined to track them down! We had enough for each kid to have their own

The yarn "Z" I recreated from a Pinterest post. The guestbook idea was mine
but I found the adorable words on another blog
So we had all the guests sign inside the book "Happy Birthday Baby" by Dr. Seuss.
It's so much fun to read to him now because we can also read messages from loved ones written to him
on his 1st birthday.

The clothesline idea was from another blog. The one I saw was WAY cooler than mine but I loved how mine turned out anyway. 

The streamer of pictures I found on Etsy - people make them and sell them for  $25 - I made mine for probably $2

And our shirts I didn't exactly make - I ordered iron on transfers from E-bay and found shirts for $2 each at Michaels


  1. Zachary's 1st Birthday Party looks spectacular. I adore each and every moment of this cute party. I would also be hiring an event planner for my sons’ 5th birthday bash. I am not good at party planning so will get help from the planner for this custom party that I plan to host at one of the LA event venues.


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