Monday with Mommy - Shopping!

This week's Monday Adventure took us to the Alderwood Mall with Cousin Grady. They boys had a blast tearing apart clothing racks everywhere we went and were able to burn off some energy at the play-area.

Zachary surprised me with how independent he was, he'd take off and not even look to see if I was close by. I ended up dragging him out of there kicking and screaming because we had to go and he desperately wanted to stay. He made lots of friends and even had an older woman following him around.

Handsome little man

Smiling at all the people walking by

Grady Pants

The Boys - Checkout Grady's hair!

Grady showing Zachary how it's done

Playing together nicely (A nice change
from Zachary trying to claw Grady's eyes out)

Zachary's girlfriend - she was 4 months older than him!

And he climbed Mt. Rainier to end the day