Charlotte is 10 Months!

Okay, this no-internet thing really isn't working out for my blogging situation. I think about blogging just about every day... and of course, I can't. I can't even figure out how to do it from my phone. 
SOOOO - I'm enjoying watching my kids grow and enjoying watching myself grow, without documenting every detail. 

Charlotte is 10 months old. As in 2 months away from turning 1 year. As in alive outside the womb longer than alive inside the womb. As in NOT REALLY A BABY ANYMORE

So! I have like 2 months worth of stuff to update you on now. Which isn't really all that exciting since we haven't grown any new teeth, started walking, or graduated high school yet.

You are, however, standing on your own, walking along and with everything, eating everything in sight, creating obstacle courses of your own, crawling through every tight space and under every table, chair, and toy, and quite obsessed with destroying everything you can get your hands on. 

You celebrated your first Easter, which is pretty much your last "First" holiday. You learned that spaghetti noodles are the greatest thing in the entire world. You swung on your first swings. Your personality has become practically our favorite thing in the whole world. And you got dedicated to Jesus. I'd say those all sum up as your best month of life to date. 

You love to sing and dance, you can wave, you can do peek-a-boo, you can clap, you can say that you are SOOO big (by holding your hands up high in the air), and you give the BEST kisses!! Oh, and your hair is FINALLY long enough for some pretty ridiculous piggy tails. You are such a super duper happy baby and we enjoy that SO much more than you can possibly imagine. 

Best: Your dedication. By far the best moment of your life on earth.
Funniest: Your first pigtails. No seriously, it was really funny.
Worst: Teething... and some weird bug that kept you from eating for over a week.