Charlotte is 11 Months!

You - my little Miss - are 11 Months Old
And oh-so-very-much-fun

Okay, that's actually putting it nicely, you are really so-very-much-TROUBLE

Your personality shines through you more every day. We can't believe how naughty you are. You are VERY different than your sweet brother. At almost any given moment you are getting into something you are not supposed to or making a very big mess.

I wish I could capture all of your "trouble-ness" on camera but it's hard to actually take pictures of you eating dish soap when you are vomiting, tearing apart the bookshelf when it's fallen on top of you, or splashing in the toilet when I'm running towards the bleach. Yes, YOU, are so much trouble.

You can't even eat without making a mess - which I guess could be quite normal for a baby your age but at 11 Months your big brother wasn't eating anything solid so I have no idea how to handle you.... or how to keep noodles from creeping into your diaper.

So even though you are messy and mischievous, you are hilarious and beautiful and completely unique

You are standing up all the time, you are using EVERYTHING to assist you in walking.... and even though we know you are completely capable, you still won't "GO" on your own.

You love to clap, roll a ball with Mommy, say "Momma" and "Dadda", climb onto just about everything, throw your head backwards to look up, stick out your tongue, knock over anything that anyone is trying to build or work on, and boogey down! You love the beach, you are not scared of anyone, in fact you love attention, and you seriously love water.

This month you got 2 new teeth, we took away your thumb and your daytime bottles, and you celebrated Mom's first Mother's Day with 2 kids. There were a lot of highs and lows. But we all survived. 

You are more fun than trouble (most days) and we are completely enjoying watching your personality unfold and laughing at (almost) every little thing you do. 

Best: Mother's Day - you and your brother were so much fun and I was reminded how special it is to be YOUR mom
Funniest: Pretty much every day something funny happened with you.... but I guess to pick one I'd say the battle of wills trying to keep you from sucking your thumb. It ended in me sewing socks to the end of the sleeves on one of your onesies. We found you multiple times with one arm out through the neck hole... and the whole battle ended in you having an unhealthy obsession with carrying socks around. 
Worst: Taking daytime bottles away.... that was a rough couple days but you are doing great now. Waking up once at night to eat and having a bottle before bedtime.

We love you and can't believe my next update is going to be for your FIRST birthday little Miss