Charlotte is 7 months!

You are my ham, turkey, bean burger, bacon bit of sweet cherry pie! And YOU are 7 months Miss Charlotte Rose!

Time is going too fast for me to keep up with. 

Major milestones of the month (that's right, plural milestoneS):
two teeth *chomp chomp*
crawling *on the move*

I spend most of our time together now saying “Momma” in a slow and pronounced voice… which you actually think is hilarious. I take serious offense to your laughter Charlotte. It’s as if you are saying “Woman, there is no way in the entire world I’m going to let that sound come out of my mouth before I’ve mastered the art of chewing on my blocks”. Let me tell you something, Miss Sassy Pants, “Momma” WILL be the first word that comes out of your mouth or you are grounded from all block chewing. 

Speaking of block chewing…. How can one little person be so obsessed with a small piece of wood with paint on it? The other day I was making myself lunch and you sat for 10 straight minutes not making a single sound, chewing on the same yellow block. I kept coming in to check on you and sure enough, that block had not left your mouth. Why do I bother shaking rattles and light up toys in front of your face all day? All you need is a single yellow block and your world is perfect.

So now that you are crawling, I have to kiss all your sweet rolls good-bye (and kiss I do!). I know that this is probably the peak of your lovely, voluptuous, rolly polly, sweet and round figure. It breaks my heart. My next purchase for you will be a chunky suit (it's totally different from a fat suit, I swear), just so I can strap it on you whenever I’m missing my sweet chunky 7 month old.

Also, did you know that your toes are not ACTUALLY meant for eating? I was wondering if you knew that, because you seem to think that is their sole purpose in life. You don’t even need salt or ketchup on them, you just love them plain. Fresh out of the sock is usually your favorite. And now you know how to arrange that all on your own. It seems I’m in a constant state of searching for your socks while you drool all over your feet.

Do you want to know what else you are eating these days? Green beans, carrots, rice cereal, squash, oatmeal, and banana. Oh happy happy happy you! You LOVE eating. You giggle and smack your lips together. But over the past couple days you’ve started making this really cute face where you stick your jaw out and smile so I can see your two teeth…. Yes, dear, I see your two teeth, but that doesn’t mean you are ready for chocolate chip cookies yet. We started moving a little faster with your trials as you have yet to have a reaction since your bad Oatmeal experience last month. Until we notice any discomfort, we will keep trekking through the produce isle. My prayer is that because we got on top of your MPI so early you’ve already had a good chance to heal and you will be ready for birthday cake come June 25th.

Your night time sleeping is still pretty sporadic. Sometimes you wake up 3 times sometimes you wake up once. Starting Rice Cereal has helped us move really close to you sleeping through the night. We can not wait for that day sweet girl. Whenever you are ready - we will happily throw you a party (chocolate chip cookies included) to celebrate your sleeping success.

This face! 
Nom nom nom

You were sick and cutting your first tooth. My sweetie sick girl.

Your new best friend was found during our kitchen makeover while the mirror sat on the floor :)

Thank you for still falling asleep on me. You melt my heart.

Each month gets more fun with you. Every time your brother hit a new milestone I would get so excited. Every time you hit a new milestone I just get so sad. I was so anxious for your brother to grow and I'm so scared for you to. But I'm enjoying each stage as you learn and discover. 

Your favorite pose - Planking. 
The beach is our favorite place to be, so I'm glad you love it too! 

Your brother is always close by, helping and loving you.

The best thing that happened this month was: watching you figure out how to crawl
The funniest thing that happened this month was: EVERYTHING! You make me laugh EVERY day. Your planking, your facial expressions, your response to every new touch, sense, and taste! You are so cute.
The worst thing that happened this month was: cutting teeth and a MISERABLE cold that kept you from sleeping for days. We all, inevitably, caught it too. 


Thank you for lighting up our whole world with love and laughter. You are so amazing and beautiful and perfect. Happy 7 months dear girl.