Charlotte is 6 Months!

Happy Half Birthday to our little Princess!! Boy how time flies.... I can't believe it's been 6 months since you entered our lives.

You become more beautiful every day!

The biggest news in your life this month is that you are becoming quite mobile. You scoot yourself around the house getting into all sorts of trouble.

(behind you is a bag of headbands you got into on your own)

You still LOVE your brother and he still adores you.

Whenever you get upset he is right there to sing to you, share his blanket with you, share a toy with you, and cover you with kisses. 

You also became REALLY fond of your feet this month. You are rarely lying down without your feet in your hands or in your mouth. 

Also - you became Baby Mozart - you love noise, especially when you are making it! We've had a lot of fun experimenting with different instruments this month. 

We also had a fun time playing with Cousin Chase. You two are 10 days apart and so VERY different already in personality and mannerisms. It's fun to watch you two develop into "People" as you grow out of the infant stage. 

Ohhhh, yeah....  I accidentally overfilled our kitchen sink with suds this month, we took full advantage and you LOVED playing with bubbles. 

Annnnnnd a big milestone in your life.... your first snow! You fell asleep in your Moby and just rested while your brother played for 2 hours. 

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of years to throw snowballs at your brother. 

Another great milestone this month was your first taste of Oatmeal. Your acid reflux had been flaring up a lot so we tried settling your stomach with Oatmeal (your first food trial) and you did awesome. It didn't help with your reflux but it didn't make anything worse. We are praising God for this giant step in your MPI journey! 

Christmas was your half birthday! Your first Holiday Season was awesome! We went to a parade downtown Coupeville, we cut down a 9foot Christmas Tree for our living room, and we got you your very first pair of Hanna jammies! 

You are getting easier to take in your car seat, easier to leave in nursery at church, easier to drop off with Grandpa and Grandma. You are functioning on a pretty set schedule which makes every bodies life easier in general.

The best thing that happened this month was: your first Holiday season
The funniest thing that happened this month was: Your first bites of food.... you are SO uncoordinated with eating. Three bites of oatmeal is equal to a whole new outfit for you and whoever is feeding you.
The worst thing that happened this month was: Definitely your Acid Reflux. You were pretty miserable and it made for a lot of carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, and laundry for Mom.

We just can't get over how sweet you are. You light up the whole world with your smile. You completely melt our hearts with your giggle and your joy.... YOU ARE INFECTIOUS.