Charlotte is 5 Months!

What happened!!?? Five months ago we were meeting you for the first time - and now, here you are, our whole world wrapped up in your smile. 

Speaking of your smile - it just about never stops. You start and end each day with a smile. 

This month has been full of excitement, change, and growth.

You got a new cousin this month - his name is Colin and he's PERFECT!! You two are going to be great friends. 

Then you celebrated your first Halloween. You dressed as a little sheep and your brother dressed as your shepherd. I pray that he is always your protector. (Let me just say how impossible it is to get a still shot of the two of you - ESPECIALLY in costume).

You had so much fun trick or treating for the first 20 minutes - then you fell asleep in Mom's arms and slept in cousin Chase's stroller the rest of the night. 

Two days after Halloween we moved to Coupeville!! That was the highlight of our month by far! No big deal, but the view from our house looks like this:

And that's on a cloudy day. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there is beach in either direction and mountains straight across the skyline. We absolutely love it here! We are thrilled you get to grow up here!

Also - this month - you and your brother really started having so much fun together. I just adore watching you two! He keeps you pretty stocked on toys within your reach, smothers you with kisses all day long, and is getting really good at making you laugh.

And now that you are becoming a big girl, you love to sit up in the stroller and look around. You USUALLY fall asleep on walks but you sure relax the moment we step outside. 

And about that sitting up thing - you're seriously getting good at it.

I know, that smile, it kills me every time. 

You are obsessed with putting everything in your mouth, you sure let us know when you're unhappy, and you have a tooth just about ready to pop through. You are changing every day, I love watching you learn and open up to the world around you. You are a pretty high maintenance baby but your smile makes everything we do sooo worth it! 

 The best thing that happened this month was: Moving to Coupeville
The funniest thing that happened this month was: You finding your feet - you actually find them extremely tasty, even smacking your lips while you suck on your toes. 

The worst thing that happened this month was: having to completely stop nursing you. I had been nursing you at night up until about a week ago when you starting getting really uncomfortable. Our nursing days are over and it really is the hardest thing I've had to do since you were born. 

We are still overwhelmed by you. The girl clothes keep getting cuter and cuter and having you in our lives just keeps getting better. Thank you, Charlotte Rose, for coming into this world and bringing such a beautiful joy into our lives. One that we could never have known without you. Happy 5 months Baby Girl!!


  1. What a beauty! I'm sorry to hear about nursing, but so glad she is happy!! Enjoy settling into your new home.


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