Some days I can't believe how blessed I am to be home with my kids. Most days are filled with too much poop, not enough sleep, multiple meltdowns, and a LOT of spit up. But then we squeeze play dough between our fingers, we grab a crisp paint brush, we dance in the kitchen, we go to an empty park, and we learn something new together. 

Today wasn't anything special. It was ordinary. Morning crafts, another trip to the Library for Toddler Reading Time, a quick trip into town to try and piece together Zachary's Halloween Costume, an afternoon in the park with friends, homemade Mac and Cheese, and fresh baked cookies. 

Charlotte had a rough day - it's getting harder and harder to take her places. Zachary didn't have a nap which made for a long and emotional afternoon. But we had fun - lots of fun. I am finding so much joy and fulfillment in the little things with my children. I am happy with the ordinary.

As I type, Zachary is watching videos of himself on my phone and laughing his pants off. They are short videos that I have captured of his silliness, his creativeness, his kindness....... his life. Videos that would have never been recorded if I were working. 

Thank you Jesus for this time with my sweet babies. Thank you for laughter, for all the little things that make up our wonderfully ordinary days together. Thank you for Tuesdays.