My kids are blessed with two of the best Aunties in the world! One of them lives minutes away from us and is due to have a baby ANY TIME!

Meet my beautiful sister-in-law, Trinity. Inside her cute belly is my soon-to-arrive nephew, Colin.

On Tuesday, she offered to take one, or both of the kids off my hands for as long as I wanted. A brave and generous offer! She has a daughter Zachary's age (Chloe) and now Charlotte will have a same-age buddy to play with as well.

Zachary has recently been starving for my undivided attention so I asked her if she'd take little Miss for a couple hours while Zachary and I had a little date.

Apparently Miss slept the whole time. Poor Auntie.

Not that I'm sure she minded staring at this pretty face for a couple hours.

So Zachary and I didn't have enough time to do anything major but I didn't want to just sit at the house the whole time. So I ended up taking him to a couple good 'ol Sedro Woolley landmarks. My son was very impressed with my choices!

This boy and trains. Well, anything that moves actually. We drive by this train every day, Zachary always points it out and in the back of my head I knew you could walk up to it but I've never stopped. On Tuesday, we stopped. Zachary spent 45 minutes walking circles around the train climbing on the train, and jumping in puddles by the train. Little boy heaven!

Sedro Woolley is a huge logging town. This ginormous tree trunk slice sits at the entrance to the city. It's dated back to 1100AD.... before the discovery of America. I am fascinated with it, and heartbroken that someone would vandalize it.

After those two stops we went to the park in town to burn what was left of his energy before heading to the Library for Toddler Time.

Zachary's new favorite word is Teeter Totter. We went on it 20 times just so he could get off and say the word again. Haha.

Then we met Chloe, Auntie Trinity, and Sissy at the library for Toddler Time.

How is that for Tuesday?