Meet Brookelyn:

The worlds silliest, sweetest, most beautiful 4 year old. She just so happens to be my niece. Yep! I'm a lucky Auntie!

So last weekend I got to spend 2 straight days with her. I don't think she stopped making me laugh during that time. 

We had more than a few really funny quotes that I am calling "Brookelyn-isms" - some are too good NOT to share. Sweet girl you sure know how to make this Auntie smile. 

1. While drinking fresh squeezed Orange Juice - "Auntie, this grape juice is spicy."

2. While sneaking around upstairs by herself and being caught - "Oh, Grandpa, You startled me."

3. After putting her pajamas on - "Uh oh, my pants are getting too big for me."

4. My personal favorite - Brookelyn has made every member of the family a different animal. My husband is a Hyena, I am a Lizard, Charlotte is a Turtle, and Zachary is a Parrot. 
An inside joke of my Mother-in-Law being a Meerkat must have confused Brookelyn because she whispered to us that "Zachary is now a 'Meer-parrot'"

Love. Her. SO. Much.