Water Slides!!

Last week we got to go to the Water slides in Canada with my cousin, his wife and their kids. Move over "Grandpa's Boat".... the Water slides are Zachary's new favorite thing! (I'm sure it will only last until he sees Grandpa's Boat again.)

The weather wasn't great but we still had SO much fun. Even the adults had a great time! My aunt and other cousin came by for a bit too which meant we had lots of help with all the little ones.

So here is my cousin, Joe, his wife, Brieanne, and their kids Olivia and Ethan.

Aren't they cute?!? They are SO much fun. It's hard to find families to connect with where husbands, wives, and kids are all compatible. I wish they didn't live in another Country, but we don't mind crossing the border to see each other because it gives us a chance to compare the US and Canada. Apparently the US is the land of selection. I didn't know this but we seem to have WAY more of a selection when it comes to groceries than Canada. Maybe a contribution to our obesity problems?? Brieanne loves to point out all the crazy unique things about the US. I just make fun of their driving.

Anyway, Brieanne and I decided we wanted to go down a water slide together and the boys just HAD to watch. I guess they thought we'd be scared?? My husband even said to me afterwards "I'm proud of you Honey." What!?! We picked what was supposed to be the scariest slide (The Black Hole) but we just had a blast! I think I want to take another trip without all the little munchkins so we can ride all day. Selfish, I know, but who doesn't love water slides?? 
Way too much fun!

Here are the rest of the pictures from the day and a video of Nathaniel and Zachary going down a water slide - It doesn't look like he's enjoying it too much but seriously, he had a blast!