When I married my husband 3 years ago I was just a girl with love in her eyes. We didn't have a plan, we didn't have a story, we just had each other.

We are currently in the process of moving - it's bittersweet. We actually really like where we are at now but know that it's not the best place for us long term. I will be the first to admit that I am an organizational freak. So having 5 weeks to move is hardly enough time for someone like me because I like to go through everything as we are packing it away.

Today I came across the photo album from our Honeymoon.

I FIRST can't believe how young we look. It's only been 3 years!

I SECOND can't believe how little we knew about the journey that was set ahead of us.

I THIRD can't believe how pathetically in love we were.

I guess you're supposed to be in love like that when you get married. Right? But three years and two kids later our love has been lost in the shuffle. What we have now is so much better than love. It's companionship. It's intimacy. It's trust. It's respect. It's dependency. It's roots.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my husband. But not in a "you're so great", "no you are", "no you are", kind of way. I love him from the core of my being. I love him for being the father of my children. For being a leader, warrior, and provider for our family. I love him for loving me after living with me for 3 years... even on days where I was not lovable (which have been many). I love him for communicating, for listening, for teaching, and for learning alongside me. I love him for the laughter and for the tears (their surely have been plenty of both). And I love him for knowing Jesus... it's my favorite quality in him and the one I have learned to respect the most.

So looking at our Honeymoon pictures just makes me laugh. Because we WERE so young. We WERE so naive. And we WERE so pathetically in love.

The Honeymoon was fun, but the story after is way better.