Crabbing, Date Day, and The County Fair

My in-laws bought a new boat this year. It has to be the absolute best thing that has happened to Zachary EVER!!

ALL he talks about is "Grandpa's Boat". Seriously. That's it.

So we went out to Coupeville for the weekend to go crabbing on Grandpa's Boat.

No, Charlie didn't go out on the boat - but I sure wished she could have because I had to stay back with her the whole time while everyone else pulled pots. But we had some fun of our own...

 And I didn't mind because staring at this beautiful face makes me so happy!

That's the boat - after the weekend Zachary renamed it "Zachary's Boat". I'm pretty sure this kid would live in that boat for the rest of his life if we let him.

My in-laws are super hard workers and crazy generous. They let us relax and enjoy crab while they did all the labor of cooking the crab and cleaning the boat. Oh, and no big deal, the bottom right picture of Zachary is just about the cutest thing ever!

I am terrified of live crab so I wait until they are fully dead before I get near them. And then I make my kids hold them too :)

One great thing about my Father-In-Law is that he is super impatient. Weird that it's great right? But he's impatient in a really funny way.... because if he were patient we wouldn't have stories like this:

Yes, he tried to launch when the tide was WAY too low and he ended up having to chase his boat down. It was not funny at the time but we can laugh now. Sad story - his cell phone was in his pocket.


After a successful morning of crabbing my in-laws took the kiddos for a couple hours while the hubs and I went on a kayak date.

Ok well it was kind of a date - we kayaked over to the beach where my in-laws were hanging out with the kiddos before we headed out across the cove. But we had so much fun spending time together after almost 2 straight months of packing the kids everywhere we go. 

As if that wasn't enough fun for one weekend - we spent the next day at the County Fair. Who doesn't love the fair!?!

What breed of chicken is that in the bottom center picture? I need one! Cutest chicken EVER!

Both kids did great - Charlotte slept a lot of the fair and Zachary had a blast despite the fact that he didn't get a nap in. It still amazes me how much of our lives revolve around when kids sleep. Sleep can make or break your entire experience. 

What a fun weekend! I am not ready for summer to end!!