Charlotte is Two Months!

Wow Sissy! Two months!! 

You still feel like a tiny newborn to me but you are getting further and further away from that stage every day! 

This last month was full of more adventure for you:

You still slept A LOT!

You started LOVING your baths. You just about fell asleep during your last bath.

We went back to Coupeville for yet ANOTHER weekend with Grandpa and Grandma

While we were there we took you to your first County Fair

 And took you on your first boat ride 
(ok not really, but we did set you in the boat for a few minutes)

And then put a crab on top of you :)  

Mommy and Daddy had their first date night since you were born. We went kayaking and I guess you slept the whole time we were gone (which only ended up being a little over an hour). You made it easy on Grandpa and Grandma.

We took you across the Canadian Border to the Waterslides. 
You dipped your feet in the water and didn't really know what to think.

We took you on a walk around Lake Padden where you went forward facing in your Moby for the first time. You loved it! Your neck muscles are starting to support your head (and cheeks) much better now.

You sleep great, you eat great, and you are SUCH a happy baby. We've gotten to see lots of baby smiles but have yet to hear your first laugh. Your favorite part of the day is bath time. You seem to like tummy time a lot but you are not a huge fan of your brother. He's still obsessed with you which means he is in your face a lot. I don't think you like that too much.

Ohhh to be little...

Can I please keep you this way forever precious girl? 

The best thing that happened this month was: Getting to see you smile.... and smile and smile and smile
The funniest thing that happened this month was: Your very first major poo-splosion..... all over your Grammy's lap and her couch. Thankfully you waited until there was a good audience in the room to witness the whole thing. 
The worst thing that happened this month was: seeing blood in your diapers and realizing that you probably have the same disease your brother had.

We can't believe how much we love you. You completely melt our hearts every time you smile. You are our Princess. Thank you for being ours!!