Charlotte is 1 Month!

I will most likely start every monthly blog update with this line so get used to it....

I can't believe it's already been a month since you were born Charlotte!

You are so perfect in every way.

Our lives are so much richer because of you

Since your arrival one month ago we have:

1) Lost and been reunited with our family dog

2) Been to Coupeville 3 times to visit your Grandpa and Grandma

3) Traveled outside the state of Washington to visit the Oregon Coast with family

4) Had your first photo shoot

5) Slept........... ALOT

6) And you made a new best friend 
(which is why your most common nickname right now is "Sissy")

You are a wonderful breath of fresh air and are letting your dad and I REALLY enjoy being parents. 
You make our lives better each day. 
We couldn't be more in love with you. 

The best thing that happened this month was: Our trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon
The funniest thing that happened this month was: Your dad was holding you while wearing a tank top and you managed to get a handful of his armpit hairs and grip tightly. When he went to pull you away you ripped a fistful of hair out. You literally had armpit hairs coming out of your fist. Your dad screamed and your mom laughed extremely hard.
The worst thing that happened this month was: Your mom and dad got food poisoning and you got your first cold all in the same week. 


Thank you for coming into our lives 1 month ago Charlotte Rose. 
We adore you.