Balloon Party!

So Zachary turns two today.
How can that be?

I can't believe two entire years have come and gone since we first met this precious little boy that forever changed our lives. I'm so in awe of him every day.

To celebrate his 2nd year of life we threw him a Balloon Bash.

I had WAY too much fun planning it and an exhausting time executing it.

*Note to self - do not throw birthday party at 8 months pregnant while working full time*

It was worth every second though - everything came together perfectly and Zachary had a total BLAST!

So here you go - Zachary's Two Year Old Balloon Bash... through the lens.

Party Invitations

 Red, Orange, and Teal - Balloons Galore! 

We asked guests to write down what they think Zachary will be when he grows up. These guesses will go in his time capsule to be opened on his 18th birthday. 
 Instead of goodie bags we let guests take home balloons

 That's my hunky husband at the grill - we had delicious BBQ'd burgers and dogs - we had an awesome lunch! 

 And the dessert spread was even better - my mom was a lifesaver and spent hours making cake pops and cupcakes with me the day before the party. I threw the cloud parfaits together right before the party, they still didn't set very well by the time I served them but they were delicious!

We have the world's best family - Zachary got SO spoiled with presents! "Two" was a much more entertaining birthday party than "one" - Zachary is starting to really get into it!
 Did I mention we have the world's best family? SO many people came out to celebrate Zachary's birthday with us. I was really overwhelmed before the party because the guest list kept growing, but it all worked out perfectly and I am so honored that my son is so loved! 

Oh - and my Father-in-Law, no big deal.... he just learned how to make balloon animals for Zachary's party! He is So awesome! That's him in the middle picture, and seriously - he did SUCH an awesome job! Coolest Father-in-Law in history!
On a side note celebration - Zachary got to eat cake this birthday! Now that MPI is behind us I can relax at birthday parties and let my son eat his cake! Funny story - he had two bites and then was "all done". Thank goodness for pregnant mommies who standby in these situations to finish the job! 

Zachary was such a great host - he loves family as much as we do. It's engrained in him. He got so excited when he woke up from his nap and all of his favorite people were waiting for him.

After the party Zachary had to wind down with some reading. Isn't his shirt darling!?! My incredibly talented friend Daryl made it for us. I am SO in love with it!! 

Zachary Adam Mouw - you are so incredibly loved! Happy 2nd Birthday precious little one!

"You were created, your life is a gift, the lights are shining on you today, you've got something to say!"
- Matthew West


  1. I LOVE the balloon party! You're so crafty (there's no denying it)... You all are such an adorable family!

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