Spring in the Pacific Northwest is the best time of year. The days start getting longer, the plants come back to life, and we get to see the sunshine again - after months of rain, clouds, and snow. We LOVE to be outside, all 3 of us. So the second it's not raining, we find any excuse to take in the fresh air. It feels like we're always busy, which is why I haven't sat down to post anything recently - but really I think that we are just choosing to fill up our time with making memories instead of talking about them. As I sort through 3 months of pictures and feel a tiny baby wiggling inside of me - I can't help but just feel so thankful for my life and the beauty that surrounds it. My cup runneth over - I am so so so very full of love.

Here's a glimpse at our life over the past few months:

Two trips to Coupeville 
 The first was to celebrate my Father-in-Law's birthday where we spent lots of time with family and playing at the beach.

The second trip to Coupeville was for the Holland Happening Parade in Oak Harbor. Zachary got to ride with Grandpa in this awesome old car representing Peoples Bank (in case you didn't know: me, my brother, my husband, and my father-in-law all work for Peoples Bank). Since it was so nice out we (again) threw rocks at the beach, as well as spent some time with best friends Amy and Grady at the park. We got an AWESOME tour of a firetruck by 3 extremely nice firemen who made all of our weekend! We had two very excited boys!

Easter was a blast! We woke up to open Easter Baskets as a family at home, then went to church, then went to my parents for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. The little girl below is my niece Chloe - isn't she the cutest thing!? Such a big personality for such a little girl.

It's lawn mowing season now and I'm thankful for 2 great helpers to mow for me. It's Zachary's favorite chore! Last year he helped by giving Dad orders from the back pack - this year he alternates between the back pack and the mower. My favorite thing is that he really feels like he's helping - I'm sure Dadda is counting the days until you are out there by yourself little one :)

It wouldn't be Spring in the Mouw House if we didn't spend time at the park - we LOVE the park and this year is getting especially fun since Zachary adores the swings and slides and climbing. We can worry less and play more as he's growing more independent each day. Watching him smile and squeal is my greatest joy. I wish I could always make him this happy!

The luckiest kids alive have "Uncle Riley's" in their life. Zachary's Uncle Riley is the best. Last year Uncle Riley got Zachary a Rocket Launcher which has already become an outdoor favorite activity for Zachary. Now that it's light out when we get home we run up to the parking lot next to our house after dinner and shoot rockets up until it's dark out. THANK YOU UNCLE RILEY for the hours of fun you've already given to Zachary.

Walking, walking, and more walking. We walk every night that it's not raining. My belly is getting bigger, I'm growing more tired, and my feet are getting more swollen... and still, our favorite thing to do is walk. It's hard to believe that in two short months we'll have another child in that stroller on our evening walks. 

On a random day in April I made homemade finger paints for Zachary - we started with the "Clean" style finger painting - which occupied us for quite a while.

But after dinner I decided to let Zachary go for it. So we got goopy and messy and sticky and had way too much fun creating some finger-paint masterpieces. 

I love this precious little boy. I love life with him. I am the world's luckiest Momma! He makes life beautiful and wonderful and funny and perfect. As I countdown to bringing another life into this world, I enjoy every last moment I have alone with the boy who made me a Mom in the first place.

Spring is the last season I get to spend with just Zachary - and then Summer brings new life and new love to our family. We are blessed. Very blessed.