26 Weeks!

What is your due date?
June 29th, 2013
How far along are you?
26 and a half weeks
What is the Gender of your baby?
That's going to be a surprise! I have NO idea but at this point most people are guessing it's going to be a girl.
What are you going to name your baby?
Nothing much has changed in the name department. Pretty sure on our girl name (although it's changed from my 21 week post where we were "pretty sure" then too) and still really unsure on a boy name.
Best Moment this week?
Spending the weekend in Coupeville with The Mouws and hanging with my best friend Amy, due 12 days before me. 
What scripture is speaking to you this week? 
 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29
A verse that I strive to live up to every moment of every day.
Baby's growth? 
He/She is about 15 inches long! The size of a large cucumber. The baby is weighing in at over 2 pounds this week - can I subtract that from my total weight gain??
A growing belly and a gigantic appetite that just doesn't seem to stop! (This still hasn't changed). I am noticing the extra weight on my body when we hike up the same hill we've been hiking up since we moved here but my body runs out of steam half way up and also any time I go up stairs too quickly. 
Medical Stuff?
My every other week appointments start now which means time is really moving fast! I get more lab work this week and have another appointment with my mid-wife this week. As far as I know everything is right on track and normal.
Weight gain (or loss)?
I have gained around 15 pounds to date. I gained a few more than I wanted to on vacation and have had a hard time slowing down since then. My workout routine has also taken a huge hit since vacation. Not feeling near as motivated with all the extra weight on me and no swimsuit hanging in the front of my closet.
Still a lot of fruit! And fruit loops. And anything fruit-flavored. And today I craved cinnamon rolls like crazy. So basically I have a non-stop sweet tooth.
Food Aversions?
Still none. Just about everything sounds good all of the time!
What Made Me Cry This Week?
A song on the radio - it doesn't take much these days. 
Sleeping like a champ - wishing I could nap every day but look forward to doing that on the weekends and my days off. Night time sleeping is going really well.
Maternity Clothes?
Story of my life.
Stretch Marks?
None so far. 
Non-stop now. I love it!! I often stay awake at night just to feel the baby move, it's something I could NEVER get sick of.
What I miss....
Still nothing - I love pregnancy! 
What I'm looking forward to....
Summer! And warm weather! None of my coats fit anymore and I'm really looking forward to spending more time outside. 
Labor Signs?
Too early yet for any of those. 
Thoughts from the family....
Family is starting to ask more questions now that we're getting closer. Everyone curious about names and our guess of gender. I think we are all really surprised at how fast this whole process is going!
Something I'm Excited About.... 
Maternity leave - although I'm in no hurry for this baby to get here, time at home with my kids can't come soon enough! Every morning when Zachary wakes up I say "Do you want to go play with (insert daycare friend's name here) today?" And every morning his response is "No. Momma today." Oh how desperately I want to satisfy his daily craving for time with me.
Pregnancy related books you are reading.... 
You probably won't believe me but I spend all my reading time with my nose in Baby Name Books. I will be thrilled with whatever gender our baby is but man do I hope it's a girl some days so that I don't have to worry about deciding on another boy name!
Any other thoughts?
Life is a miracle, I will never get over how beautiful this whole pregnancy process is. I've had 6 friends give birth to new life in the past 3 weeks and I am blown away at God's goodness. His plan is perfect, His love is unending, He is uncomprehendable...... we are all miracles.