Baby Belly Baby Kicks

Nathaniel felt Little Foot kick on Monday!!!
It was incredible!

When I was pregnant with Zachary, I would feel him kick multiple times but the second I called Nathaniel over to feel he would stop. It was like he knew that we were waiting for it so he would quit. I got into the habit of just quietly flagging Nathaniel over without changing my activity so that he would keep kicking.

So, Monday night, we were laying in bed and I started feeling baby move and kick. I instinctively signaled for Nathaniel to be quiet, reached for his hand, and placed it on my belly. I held completely still and baby went to work kicking it's little feet out. Nathaniel loved it and I loved sharing it with him. I've been feeling baby for weeks now, and having those kicks be all mine is special. But sharing them with my husband is phenomenal. 

I can't believe how much closer pregnancy brings us. I love parenting alongside this man. Bringing kids into this world with him is beautiful - everything about it.

Nathaniel is such an amazing dad. In fact, I think he's perfect at it. I love watching him play and interact with Zachary, they are best friends and can turn anything around them into a game. Zachary adores him and copies him and follows him and talks about him. They are so perfect together. 

On top of playing such an important roll in Zachary's life, Nathaniel already loves and cares for the little one inside me so beautifully. He makes me feel gorgeous as I grow and my body changes.... he loves that our baby is in my belly.

Speaking of my belly - it's growing. I've ruled out all but one pair of pre-maternity pants. Every night I find it a little bit harder to get comfortable in bed. My favorite part of the day is getting home and putting sweats on. I bump into things I didn't even know I was close to and I can't see my feet when I look down without leaning forward. Yep, definitely signs of a growing belly.

My love for Nathaniel grows every day. I am so honored to be sharing this journey with him. He is my best friend and the love of my life. What a major bonus to be raising a family with him!