The sun came out for a bit today. So after a lazy morning at home:

 We spent the afternoon outside on a family jog/walk.

My jogging partner

It was cold but it was beautiful.... and SO nice to get outside! I can tell Little Foot enjoyed the jog too - I felt lots of baby movement when we got back.

I'm incredibly thankful for a husband to keep me laughing and moving when I feel like stopping - and I'm thankful for a husband to push the stroller now that I'm almost 4 months pregnant and bearing the weight of one child is more than enough. 

To treat ourselves after our jog we had homemade enchiladas for dinner.... where Zachary ate an entire enchilada!! Three months ago we would have been happy if he even tried it. One month ago we would have been happy if he took 4 bites of it. Today - he ate an entire enchilada! 

Happy Sunday!


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