Wow! It's been months since I've given you an update and I am so very sorry for that! The last 3 months have been a whirlwind of toddler, and surviving the holidays, and colds and flus, and miracles, and family, and much more change than I could have possibly imagined God would bless me with.

So let's start with a little Zachary update. He is 19 months. He's eating EVERYTHING now. Yep, completely outgrown MPI and taking on the world. Rarely does a meal go by that I don't think about what we went through to get to this point. May all the praise and glory be to God! It really is a miracle.

The hardest change was not getting Zachary to eat food though, it was getting him to like eating food. He started as the pickiest of picky eaters and each meal quickly became the battle of the day. With much patience, research, and a book that is changing our life - he is now a great eater. If you struggle with picky eaters or just even want to change your family's eating habits (including your own), I HIGHLY recommend the book French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon.

It gives more information than just how to cure picky eating, it sets eating standards that protect your children from obesity, increase their life expectancy, and turn meal time into a pleasurable experience. When Zachary was born, I never could have imagined how much I would learn about food. I consider it a huge blessing to be so educated on what, when, why, and how we eat. It may be because of what we've been through or may be because of my natural instinct to research things to death, but I'm obsessed with learning about food. 

On top of eating well, Mr. Zachary is now potty trained. Another "PRAISE GOD!" miracle in our life. He, surprisingly, potty trained very easily and quickly. I am so proud of him! Now to find underwear that will fit an already-small-19-month old... that's another story.

Have I mentioned that our life is full of miracles? Because it is! I don't know what selfish ounce of me likes to continually believe the lie that I am in control of my life, but I am constantly reminded (in major ways) of how much I am at the complete mercy of a God who loves me so adoringly. His plan is great, and wonderful, and powerful, and overwhelming, and beautiful, and perfectly amazing. Exhibit A:

That's right! Baby Mouw number 2 is coming next summer. MIRACLE!

On October 31st I took a home pregnancy test confirming that I was, in fact, pregnant. Two days later I cleverly surprised my husband with the news. The day before Thanksgiving we had our first ultra sound to confirm that everything looked great and that the baby had a strong and steady heartbeat. With the ultra sound behind us, we anxiously broke the news to both of our families... on Thanksgiving. What a fun and memorable holiday that was.

To add to the greatness of this miracle, my best friend is also pregnant, due a week and a half before me. What a fun and incredible experience to go through my entire pregnancy with my best friend. Thank You Jesus for your perfect plan for my life! Thank You for miracles!

Okay, so maybe now you can understand the lack in recent blogging. It's been busy, and wild, and crazy, and insanely exciting! I'll follow up with a pregnancy post next with more details on how things are going in that regard.

I had two and a half weeks off at the end of the year and was so very thankful for that time with my son. It was bitter-sweet though, because I know that the next time I get to be home with him that much we will have another baby demanding my attention. I will miss having that much time devoted to Zachary. But oh how sweet it was to be with him for those two and a half weeks. He is so fun, and funny, and caring, and smart, and I HATED going back to work.

The holidays! Celebrating Thanksgiving, and the birth of Christ, and a whole new year. I literally blinked and it was all behind me.

In early December we went to Leavenworth with the Mouws for a long weekend. We had a couple feet of snow and built quite the sled track right outside our cabin. We spent our days eating and sledding and napping. Can you think of anything more fun?

Then, the weekend before Christmas, I hosted a family dinner with my dad's side of the family. On Christmas day we started the morning as a family of 3, opening presents, sharing a big breakfast, and all stopping for a mid-day nap. We then finished the day at my parents house for a huge family Christmas dinner where we saw lots of family from out of town, opened presents, and again, ate a big meal. How I haven't gained 30 pounds yet is a miracle in itself!

I wish I had lots to write about New Years also, but we were in bed by 10 and up throughout the night with an overly tired and cranky boy who couldn't sleep. It wasn't the best start to the New Year but was probably fitting considering what's ahead for us bringing another newborn into our family.

I think about all the change that took place in 2012 -
We started the year with our first visit to Children's, our first step towards getting Zachary a diagnosis. 
We ended the year with huge meals that he participated in without blinking an eye, he is fully healed.

We started the year with an infant - just learning to crawl, not able to eat anything.
We ended the year with a toddler - walking, running, talking, feeding himself, and potty trained.

We started the year with me as a stay at home mommy - devoting all of my time to a boy who desperately needed me.
We ended the year with me working 4 days a week in a terrific job while I comfortably (though not so willingly) leave my son at daycare.

We started the year with a complete dependence on our Savior to heal our son and get us through the most difficult trial in our life.
We ended the year with a son, fully healed, and a new life forming inside me.

We are a family full of miracles. A family full of joy. And a family full of life. We begin this year, 2013, still completely dependent on God, but with a whole lot more faith than we could ever imagine.

"Then Jesus said, 'Unless you see signs and miracles happen, you never will have faith at all.'" John 4:48


  1. Thanks for the update, Mandi! How exciting to be welcoming another baby!!! Congratulations! And PRAISE THE LORD for Zachary being completely better!!!


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