Long Weekend

One of the biggest benefits to my husband and I both working for a bank is that we get the same days off. This weekend just so happened to be a long one for us and it couldn't have came at a better time. My boss is on vacation so I'm going into two straight weeks without a day off and I needed some time to prepare.

Saturday - I started out the weekend shopping with my best friend. We both clearance shop for our kids and find so much joy and pleasure in good deals. This weekend we found TONS! We had a great time but I was anxious to get home to my boys. When I got home Zachary had just gotten up from his nap so we bundled up and headed out for another weekend family jog/walk:

We splurged again this week and had pizza for dinner Saturday night

By late Saturday evening Zachary had come down with a fever and really wasn't feeling well. He was asleep by 7:30 so hubby and I got a date night in. 

Sunday morning he woke up early and still had a fever so we spent the day inside at home... in pajamas. It was sweet and cuddly and sad and exhausting. But he makes a very cute sick boy.

So on Monday we had to play catch-up for everything we missed on Sunday. Zachary still had a fever but no real other symptoms so we got busy organizing:

Then I wanted to get all of our week's cooking done. Zachary helped with applesauce and muffins and I took care of Au Gratin Potatoes, Rustic Pasta, and Salsa Chicken Casserole. I now have very little cooking to do each night when I get home. Ahhh feels good!

We ended the night with some sweet dancing. Have I mentioned that I love this boy? He has been obsessed with "mommy" lately. I'm glad we are getting in so much quality time together before my time is split between two. These are the moments I want to remember. Forever. Don't mind the no-make up, the baby bump popping out of my shirt, and the messy kitchen. That's my life and in this moment it's perfect.

Going into this crazy week on top of laundry and cooking. Now we need a good nights sleep and a healthy boy tomorrow and we're all set!