A Busy Week in Washington

This Washington weather sure makes it difficult to be a Mouw - we Mouws are "Park People". We love to be outside and spending time at the park is one of our favorite ways to do that. However, it hardly feels like summer here and it's the end of June. We're hovering in the low 60's with typically cloudy and rainy days still.

This week just happened to cooperate with us really well. Sunday afternoon the clouds cleared for a bit and we headed down to the park.

Ready to play

Monster Man!


Swinging with Daddy

Found a stick which entertained him for a good 10 minutes

Monday night we got home to another partly cloud, but dry, night so we packed up and went for a long family walk. 

Tuesday was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary (a separate blog to follow). We decided a while ago that we are going to celebrate when we go to the Oregon Coast in July so we went on another family walk on Tuesday night.

Wednesday was my day off and oh what a glorious day it was! The sun was out and I couldn't help but call up my best friend to see if she would join Zachary and I in Anacortes for some shopping and playing. We met in the morning and spent most of the day out there. The boys were so great and even let us talk for a little bit which was a nice change! 

Shopping buddies

Washington Park in Anacortes

A rare moment of sitting nicely

Senior Portrait Pose

Giggling at Auntie Amy

Mommy and Bubba

Little Stink

Two of my favorite people


Playing with Grady's toys

So after a beautiful day of being mostly outside we went on another family walk that night. It's just too hard not to take advantage of the sun around here!

Thursday night poured down rain so we all stayed in and had an early bedtime.

Friday night (tonight) Nathaniel took Zachary on a jog. I ended up having 20 minutes to clean and pick up around the house. It was a much needed "break" after being gone every night this week. I appreciated the quiet and got a lot done before they got back to play and get ready for bed.

Funny Moment of the week:

Mom's really do have a sixth sense about their children. I can usually guess at any given moment what Zachary is doing, even if I can't see him.
So when he's been quiet for too long it definitely means something's not right. I was in the kitchen and Zachary was in the living room, he had been talking and playing for a couple minutes while I emptied the dishwasher when I realized it was "too silent". I ran into the living room full speed to find this:

Zachary is still learning how to use his "snack cup" but outsmarted it quickly the first time he shook it around and saw Cheerios go flying. Now that he knows he's not supposed to do that, it's much more fun for him to do. All I could say is "at least he is using his spoon".

It didn't take long for Packer to realize what happened and step in to help.

Well, that sums up this crazy, busy, beautiful, and fun week in Washington. Next week - OREGON!