Monday With Mommy

Yesterday was another day of making memories with Zachary. This one was actually planned ahead of time which made it feel a little less adventurous but it was still a wonderful day none the less.

The sun was out so we packed up early and headed to beautiful Whidbey Island! What an amazing drive on a sunny day! (A little over an hour drive from our house in Sedro Woolley)

We had to bring Grandpa Mouw his birthday present so we surprised him at work in Oak Harbor. He had NO idea we were coming.

After getting a tour of the bank, meeting all of the wonderful ladies there, and taking over Grandpa's office, Zachary and I headed to Cousin Grady's for a play date.

These boys are WAY too much fun. I'm so thankful for all the little boys that were born within a few months of Zachary, he's going to grow up with lots of friends around him. Grady is actually 4 and a half months older than Zachary, which is so fun, but when I see them together Zachary feels like such a baby compared to Grady. It's been great to have Amy and Grady pioneer through the ups and downs of Motherhood a few months ahead of us. Amy's given us so much advice, support, and encouragement along the way and we are so thankful for her!

Amy and Grady have a park not too far from their house so we bundled up and walked down to the park. I can't wait for the boys to be old enough to play together, right now they don't really know what to think about each other. But Grady enjoyed pushing Zachary around in the stroller for a bit

After we wore both boys out, Z and I headed home . Ms. Chloe was sick so she didn't get to come play. Zachary just thoroughly enjoyed an evening at home playing with Dad. He is starting to come down with a little cold himself along with working on some teeth (we think) so it was nice to relax and have a family evening after such a fun/busy day!

I'm excited that these Mondays out with my son are going to make such fun memories. He's (mostly) so wonderful to take out now that he's happier. We are still struggling through MPI and through food trials so, I don't take any of his joy or comfort for granted, we went through so much to get here and know that we still have a long ways to go, but in the mean time, we're living life as full and adventurous as we can.


  1. Another fun adventure! I have Fynn on my lap as we're reading this and he's pointing to all the close ups of Zachary. It will be so fun when they can meet!


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