Monday With Mommy - Where's The Instruction Manual!?!?!

I am sad to report that this week's Monday Adventure was a bit of a bust. Navigating this whole MPI thing is such a learning process. A little over a week ago we picked up some more formula for Zachary but the label looked a little different. Nathaniel and I compared all the ingredients and everything looked the same so we just assumed they were getting new labels for Zachary's formula. A few days later we started noticing that Zachary was extremely fussy. He had a runny nose, lots of drool, and was chewing on EVERYTHING, so we attributed all of it to teething.

We've noticed some really swollen gums and were sure that teeth were popping through any moment. But his fussiness just hasn't seemed to settle down. We can't do anything to make him happy. So yesterday (Monday) Zachary was a complete mess. He wouldn't nap, he wouldn't calm down for anything, I could hardly get him to stop crying, so I decided to research the formula a little bit more and found out that there are in fact 2 different kinds of the formula he is on. They don't clearly indicate any differences on the labels and essentially, they are the same thing, they are just processed a little differently. Which means, on top of teething, he was probably having a reaction to his formula.

So, without makeup and without eating breakfast I packed up the car and Zachary and I went into town to pick up the other kind of formula. He, of course, fell asleep in the car. He hadn't slept all day so I hated waking him up just to go in the store for one thing, however, I wanted to get this trip over with and head home. I was exhausted, I was loosing patience quickly, and I was anxious to get my boy happy again. 

I carefully transferred his car seat from the car to a cart in hopes that he would keep sleeping during our trip. Zachary is such a light sleeper, if your child is a heavy sleeper, take a moment and thank God. It's extremely difficult to do anything with a light sleeper. He won't sleep well anywhere except his crib or his car seat while the car is moving which means we have an extremely difficult time going anywhere for long periods of time. 

My transfer was successful for about 5 minutes, but thankfully, he woke up happy. It was the first smile and baby talk I had seen/heard all morning. Zachary loves being out and about for the most part. Even on bad days Zachary does so much better if we leave the house. So we did a few laps around Target (dangerous) and I, of course, had to hunt for some deals. I dug through the clearance section and found 3 long-sleeve shirts and a pair of nice pants all for $8.00. Score! 

We picked up the right kind of formula and since Zachary was doing so well being out but I didn't feel like going anywhere else in this condition, we decided to head up to my mom's for a bit. His cousin Emily was there so we got to play with her and he thoroughly enjoyed exploring Grammy and Pa's house... he's such a mover! 

(Zachary's new favorite thing is spitting)

We couldn't stay long though, we had to head home to meet the Chloe Bear. 

Zachary and Chloe are getting more and more funny to have together. They don't play with each other yet but they are so interested in what the other is doing. They constantly fight over toys (we only have over 100 toys to play with but apparently the toy that's in the other's hand is the most exciting toy of them all). 

They were trying to walk with the walker at the same time which was entertaining.

And Chloe is the sweetest baby in the world. Zachary was crying and they were both sitting on my lap and she just started hugging him. Multiple times. And he wouldn't stop crying so she leaned back and covered her ears. Then minutes later she started saying "Tickle tickle tickle". I was laughing SO hard. She tried to console him, realized it wasn't working so she covered her ears, and then decided she would try to make him laugh. I can already tell she is going to be such a caring girl. I love her to death!

Well, after all that, Zachary headed to bed early. It was a long, rough day. We are so drained with all the tiny details of MPI that we have to pay attention to. It's so discouraging as a parent to make such a tiny mistake that cost us an entire week. Why isn't there an Instruction Manual for this stuff? I'm so defeated by it all. Just when I think we have things under control, we lose it. We made the decision a couple weeks ago to stop food trials. We are 10 foods in and don't have a single food approved. We called our Pediatrician and he thinks we may need to get a second opinion but we are going to start with taking Zachary back to Children's. Our GI wants to put a scope inside him to see if he can find anything specific that is going on. Thankfully they do not need to put him out for this procedure and it should be quick and relatively simple.We are hoping we get some sort of explanation for what is happening.  We don't know if he'll ever be able to eat anything so we'd like to know now before we continue to try to force foods into his system. We also hope that maybe there is a treatment option we can move towards, making this all go away soon.

Anyway, our Monday Adventure wasn't what I'd hoped it would be, but being consumed by Zachary's tummy is just the stage of life we are in right now. When we aren't doing food trials and when he is on the right formula, he is happy. He is such a joy to be around. So we are very thankful for the formula and for the good days. We live for those days and are continuing to cope with all the bad ones as best as we can.
We're convinced those blue eyes are here to stay!