How to Pray for Other Christians

I have the world's best Study Bible. Well, probably not, but I love it. I was reading Colossians the other day and in Chapter 1, Paul talks about how he prays for the Church. My Bible has a break down of how this applies to our life and how we can pray for other Christians. This was a huge eye opener to me because I spend so much time praying for non-Christians. Duh, I should be spending just as much time praying for Christians!

I felt called to share, so I hope you find this useful in your prayer-life.  Imagine how many people in your life could be touched if you prayed in this way.

How to Pray for Other Christians:

1) Be thankful for their faith and changed lives

2) Ask God to help them know what He wants them to do

3) Ask God to give them deep spiritual understanding

4) Ask God to help them live for Him

5) Ask God to give them more knowledge of Himself

6) Ask God to give them strength for endurance

7) Ask God to fill them with joy, strength, and thankfulness.

And if you didn't know this already - I wanted to remind you that YOU are loved and YOU are being prayed for!