Hope and Miracles (1/1/12)

I LOVE this time of year. I get such a surge of energy, some much needed motivation, and an enriched sense of hope. In previous (much more stressful) chapter’s of my life, New Years has always been focused on moving forward for me. But this year, I am purely enjoying an opportunity to look back. A chance to reflect, to praise God, and to focus on the growth I HAVE made instead of getting overwhelmed by all the growth I still have to do.
2011 has been a significant year in my life.
I became a Mom.
That has to be the most beautiful change any person can make.
I cleaned up a lot of “junk” in my life; let go of friends that were holding me back, walked away from a job that I loved because of the amount of life it sucked out of me, learned the importance of saying “no” and the greater importance of asking for help. I slowed down. I forgave and I asked for forgiveness. I realized I had been hanging on to a lot of bitterness and I let go.
I gained a sister-in-law and a niece.
I gained a nephew.
I lost my Great Grandmother.
I watched friends get married and watched friends get divorced.
I watched lots of friends also welcome new life into their family.
We followed God’s plan to relocate our entire lives to Skagit County, saying goodbye to our jobs, our friends, and most recently, our church in Whatcom County.
We celebrated the miracle of Zachary’s birth and we dedicated him to The Lord.
We began what may be a very long journey with Zachary’s tummy problems. We were pushed to our limit with the emotional realization that our son was in a lot of pain and we had no idea why. We spent the entire 2nd half of 2011 dealing with his pain and trying to get him feeling better.
Although 2011 brought bad with the good, we learned the value of finding the beauty in our pain. When my Great Grandma died, my Aunt came and spent the week here. I got to spend time with her and build a bond that I have never had before. I am so thankful for family. When close friends have separated or divorced, we’ve found comfort in the love that our marriage holds and the commitment we’ve made to each other. I am so thankful for my husband. When we started this journey with Zachary’s health we were immediately covered in grace, we haven’t left that spot. I am so thankful for Jesus.
As I reflect on the miracle of Zachary’s life and how it changed our lives in 2011, I have so much hope going into 2012. I have hope that we’ll find answers to his health problems and we’ll get his pain under control. I have hope that I will be able to sleep through the night, at least once. I have hope that we will inspire other people who may have to walk this unbearable journey. I have hope that our faith in God will only grow stronger and that our trust in Him will carry us. I have hope that we will become a part of a new church family, and, that because of this, we will expand our circle of friends and be challenged, encouraged, and stretched in new ways. I have hope that I will continue to blog and to take pictures. That as Zachary continues experiencing many “firsts” we will capture those moments and document them. I have hope that, even though I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions, I will grow. I will learn new things and improve in every area of my life.
The miracles are not ending with 2011, I have hope that they are just beginning.